Fat og Fe

Lite sekskantet brett i resirkulert tre

Lite sekskantet fat i resirkulert cedertre fra Bambu Home.
Treverket er sirlig valgt ut fra planker fra over 70 år gamle trehus i Kina.
Fatene er satt inn med olje som er godkjent for kontakt med mat.
Det anbefales å sette fatene inn med matolje (eller annen matvennlig olje) og håndvaskes for å bevare fatene bedre og gi de et langt og innholdsrikt liv.
Mål: 20 x 21 x 2 cm

Dette skriver Bambu Home om treverket og prosessen:

"The Story of our Reclaimed Cedar Collection

On one of our many trips to our workshop in China, we stopped in a small town and discovered what looked to be an interesting salvage yard that stocked timber and other used building materials.

We asked about the cedar wood and learned a few things. Before western building materials were introduced in China in the mid-century, people used the local wood, naturally. Chinese Cedar wood was a common material for the building of homes and other wooden structures. The wood has been salvaged, and used most often by local people for small projects.

We tested the material and learned that it was free of chemicals. This makes sense considering the Cedar wood is naturally resistant to staining, bugs and mold. That was the ‘ah ha’ moment and our new line of serving boards, trays and coasters was born shortly there after."

139 NOK